North Ridge Testimonials

"My trip to North Ridge Ranch was really the best way I could have imagined ending off the year and knocking dog sledding off my bucket list. Brad and his wife Leah were extremely kind and were very helpful with anything we needed. My fiancé had contacted North Ridge Ranch and had asked them if they would be able to help him propose to me while we were dog sledding. Brad and Leah were so excited to help out and we were the first couple to ever do this with them. They helped my fiancé give me the best proposal on a beautiful snowy day surrounded by dogs! Apart from the proposal, the dogs were my favourite part. They are so energetic and enthusiastic, their love for sledding was evident. Brad gives the best instructions on how to control the sled and the team keeping guests and the dogs safe. These dogs are all very well taken care of and are clearly loved. If dog sledding is something you want to try, I would recommend North Ridge Ranch a thousand times over, there really is no place better!"

– Jordan Newton



"We have had the great pleasure of dog sledding with Brad, Leah and their dog family twice in 2018.  The second time we took our 5 year old granddaughter - she was absolutely thrilled.  Both of our outdoor adventures with North Ridge Ranch were a TOP 10 out of 10 on any scale: they did not disappoint!

Brad and Leah run a top-of-the-line outfit in Huntsville.  Their dogs are healthy, happy and loved.  If you love animals, this will be a huge plus during this wintery outdoor experience.  It is made clear many times during the one-hour training and orientation session prior to the sledding experience that you are handling members of their family.  Brad and Leah care deeply about each and every dog and go to great lengths to weed out "know-it-alls" and hot-doggers who risk injury to their canine partners.  This supports a very consistent, positive experience for everyone - you, the owners and the dogs.  It is very important to listen to what Brad says, constantly.  These dogs obey his every word and worship him.  Brad wants you to have a good time and to be safe while you have the ride of your life.  You will also notice how clean and well taken care of all 70plus dogs are while you are getting oriented.  Fresh straw, water, and a very clean personal area for each and every dog.

The wilderness ride through the woods for several hours is everything you might dream of with great opportunities to take pictures sitting in your sled, to bond with your furry friends at the pit stop, and to ask Brad just about any question you can think of.  Dress warmly (recommend layers with an outer water proof layer) and don't bother going if you are not athletic to some degree...if you drive your sled, you will be working with the dogs to move your partner seated in the sled around the trail.  We are huge fans of Brad and Leah and the way they run their business.  We had a blast both times and we highly recommend this outfit. A++"

– John and Kelly

Florida USA / London, Ont



"The dogs and Brad and Leah from North Ridge Ranch provided a most memorable experience for me and my grandsons!

As a dog lover and dog owner (my cats have asked that I reference my love and appreciation for them too!), the experience of working with the sled dogs was of complete admiration, greater awareness and a huge sense of team work. Oh, those dogs know what fun is!

Right from our arrival, my grandsons and I were invited to mingle with the dogs, greeting them, listen to their very vocal singing (trying to get us humans to hurry up and hook them up to the sleds), and respond to the invitation to pet, scratch a belly or snuggle with any of the dogs.

There was an anticipation of something wonderful, noted by me, my grandsons and the dogs.

Brad provided an orientation which emphasized that the priority of care and safety of the dogs meant the safety of the humans. We became informed about the different breeds of dogs who love to run and pull a sled, and how best to nurture those dogs and provide the most nourishing food, to give off-lead free roam exercise and socialization as well as warm dog houses and veterinarian care. All this time, Leah was selecting the dogs who would be a team, according to the weight of the people on the sleds and the energy, strength and drive of each dog. Their daughter Brea wandered between dad and mom, helping here and there, getting snuffled and kisses from the dogs along the way, as much as a preschooler with 70 something pet sled dogs would know to do.

All of us awestruck dogsled drivers and riders were reminded about how the brake was our best friend, and were reassured that Brad would have a team in the lead and Leah would have the team at the very end of our group while out on the trail, sandwiching us newbies, safely in the middle.

As Brad did one final check of the dogs harnessed together to the sleds, each dog reached out to give a lick or receive a pat or scuffling of the fur. Reminding us again of the safety of his dogs, the dogs started to woof and howl it up, singing, to pressure us to get going! Without hesitation, all three human family members called out to their beloved four footed furry members, 70 something dogs, by name.
With my grandsons, cradled snugly inside the sled, I released my foot from the brake and the joy from the dogs that we were finally going was evident. They were so happy, some twisting themselves up to leap and celebrate that it was time to start pulling the sled. It was an exhilarating moment.

Being in the woods, the crisp air tingling on the skin, the sound of the sled rushing on the snow, the feel of the power of the dogs with the handle tight in my grasp and my foot on and off the brake and seeing the breath wafting out and up from my grandsons nestled below, was an unforgettably fantastic time."

– Sandy Inkster


"In a word: extraordinary! Myself, my 14 year old son, his best friend and mom - on a mother/son making memories weekend. The sledding was the highlight. Brad and Leah were friendly and professional. It was a little more involved than we realized but Brad made sure that we were well informed and took it seriously - if we didn't we would be a danger to ourselves and his dogs. I was honestly more concerned with the dogs than I was with ourselves. After his opening monologue we were wondering what we had got ourselves into - but once we were underway we understood that his instructions were what kept us safe and prevented us from getting over confident - which could end up with a runaway sled. Brad kept a pace that was ideal for all - just enough speed to keep us on our toes....literally. Driving was more physically demanding than we expected - (54 and slightly overweight) but I was fine and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. Riding in the sled was as exhilarating as driving, in another way. My son drove first and was put off by my constant instructions. When his turn came to be the passenger in the sled he understood my compulsive need to give him instructions when he had be driving!!! Unique experience being pulled by 6 powerful dogs on a sled - "don't become a toboggan" his words to me as I drove! A quintessentially Canadian experience every Canadian should do - get it on your bucket list! And Brad, thank you for your tip on Ronnie's Pizza - THE BEST EVER!! Hope Leah had a successful race with her 10 dog team - incredible! We will be back for sure - it doesn't get any better than this!"

– Nicola Morgan


"My family had the wonderful opportunity to participate in your three-hour experience a few days ago.

Hats off!  I have already recommended your company to several friends and family members.

I will admit that I was reluctant at first – big animal lover.  But after the experience I was reassured that the dogs are well cared and it was obvious love what they do.  The guide did a great job educating the group prior to departure, commanding attention of some very excited guests, and placing the safety of the group and the dogs in top priority.

The day was one we all have checked off on our bucket list and we will definitely be back.

I also wanted to thank you for recommending the Wolf Den for accommodation.  We rented a beautiful cabin that was secluded, clean and very well equipped.  Staff were a professional, available and incredibly supportive – we got our car stuck and they even helped us dig out.

Well done too all.  Thanks for doing what you do.

See you again soon and please pass on our hugs to the dog teams that I will not soon forget about."
- Nicole Cichello

Welcome to North Ridge Ranch.  We are very happy you stopped by and hope that we can share the magic and adventure of dog sledding with you in Muskoka.  Huntsville, Ontario is where we call home and have had our kennel for over 20 years.  Owners and Operators Brad & Leah Fetterley and over 60 amazing Alaskan Huskies make up a dynamic team that are excited to take you on an unforgettable dog sled tour through the wilds of Muskoka.

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